Project Entity is an interactive art installation inspired by the movie "The Quiet Duel" from the Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. The aim is to present the most sensitive and inscrutable characteristics of a secret. The shown secret should not be revealed, there should be a possibility to have your own view on it. It is not important to recognize the secret more important is it to keep the secret as long as possible, because then it is real magic.

working on installation project entity side view project entity visualization

What is inside?

A 24 inch display is placed at the bottom to display the visuals . The kaleidoscope is constructed of three mirrors’ placed above the display, which form the center of the installation. The mirrors embody the main characters in the movie and their relationship to each other. The Raspberry Pi 3 loops the visuals continuously and also uses the software part of the installation.


early prototype raspberry pi
prototype form inside
screen framed with wood
work tools
finishing the installation

The Case

Made of stable wood Project Entity is build for easy interaction with all recipients. It allows one to approach from all four sides and to view the contents shown. Looking through the small hole should create the feeling of observing people doing forbidden things or listen to a secret conversation. Looking from outside the case should also create a feeling of security, in other words your secret is safe.

visitors with project entity visitor with project entity

The Visualation

The visualization represents the secret and it’s hidden details. The appearance and the look is inspired by the style of the movie and recalls the many facets of a secret. In the end a secret can be different for all of us, but Project Entity creates room for imagination and interpretation.

pattern of visualization




Raspberry Pi 3, Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects


Concept, Manufacturing