Rahmenprogramm includes the design of modular stands for the exhibition of mobile applications. The style is composed of a contrast of rough, industrial materials and modern, elegant elements. The components can be aligned individually. The height allows the visitor to step forward and use the application and also interact with it.

keyvisual of rahmenprogramm


The cubes are made of robust spruce and are half covered with 3mm thin MDF boards. The inscription is engraved and cut by using a laser cutter. The selected shapes on the black plates are filled with white letters which gives the impression that the letters are glued onto the surface. The engraved letters are filled with white color. They stand out through the black-and-white contrast which creates a appropriate platform in combination with the wood.


lasercutting mdf
cleaning mdf
positioning charakters
detail shot of mdf charakters
mdf chalk text
mdf chalk text almost ready
mdf chalk text high end


The devices are arranged in a presentable way. The construction in the interspace of the cubes has the advantage that the devices are protected from theft and the cables are hidden. The focus is directed by the lighting of the clamping lamp and the central placement of the devices.

device arrangement

Rahmenprogramm goes European Media Art Festival 2017

Push messages, status and news updates, social bots and hate comments – smartphones and screens are permanently blinking and flashing. Public spaces have always been permeated by announcements, warnings and spectacles. Today, we are experiencing an increase in input pressure – after all, every one of us is a recipient, producer and sender, all rolled into one. Public opinion is characterized by constant information and disinformation. The result: differences between public and private spheres disappear, positions that were regarded as secure, vanish and populists find their way into government.

detail shot of exhibition overview shot of exhibition detail shot of exhibition




Laser Cutter, Adobe Illustrator



Concept, Manufacturing, Construction